26 Apr
Beat the heat

Beat the heat

With mercury levels soaring new heights every day, summer continues to drain and dehydrate us. The scorching heat with high humidity reduces energy levels drastically. Our body needs foods that cool the system, leaving us hydrated, maintaining optimum energy levels. Below are a few coolants that are a must for the Indian Summer:

Water: Carry a bottle of water where ever you go, remember to take a sip at regular intervals – keeping yourself hydrated is extremely important. Start your day with a few lemons soaked in water and try to avoid caffeine during summers

Tender Coconut water: It is full of health benefits and has wonderful cooling properties, containing simple sugars, electrolytes and essential minerals which help keep the body well hydrated.

Cucumber: This crunchy vegetable has lots of water & fibre that can help you stay ‘cool as a cucumber’

Watermelon: One of the best coolants for summer with vitamins & anti-oxidant. You can juice it up too

Lemon with Honey: Nimboo pani with a little honey is an excellent coolant along with rich source of vitamin C

Leafy greens: Is there something the leafy greens cannot do? Regulating digestion, maintaining pressure levels, hydrating the body and proving essential nutrients

Buttermilk: Refreshing coolant with no-fat. Add a little low-sodium salt to make it absolutely tasty & enjoyable. A favorite for all ages!

Onions:  You can add it to your curries, dips, raitas, salads and chutneys to help keep you cool. The red onions, in particular, are very rich in quercetin, which is a natural anti-allergen. Having lots of onions can provide you protection against sunstroke.

These are only a few of the natural cooling sources to keep yourself hydrated and cool this summer. Add more to the list!

Morning walk and a bit of yoga helps you de-stress and energized throughout the day. Stay cool!