world environment day

‘Connecting People to Nature’, the theme for World Environment Day 2017, implores us to get outdoors and into nature, to appreciate its beauty and its importance, and to take forward the call to protect the Earth that we share.

World Environment Day is a day for everyone, everywhere. Since it began in 1972, global citizens have organized many thousands of events, from neighborhood clean-ups, to action against wildlife crime, to replanting forests. It is the biggest annual event for positive environmental action and takes place every 5 June. This year’s host country Canada got to choose the theme and will be at the centre of celebrations around the planet.

Nature’s gifts are often hard to value in economic terms. Like clean air & water they are often taken for granted, at least until they become polluted and scarce

Here are a few Eco-friendly things everyone needs to do:

Plant a tree: Someone once said, the purpose of human-birth is not complete until we plant trees. Trees are the greatest gift of nature, while we focus on economic & social development; it is of great importance to strike a balance and plant more trees

Say no to plastic: Lower the usage, lesser the harm created by non-biodegradable plastic that keeps accumulating

Start a terrace garden: Grow small veggies, spice,etc.., become self-sufficient and reduce your carbon footprint

Share a drive: Car-pooling is a great initiative to reduce pollution and burden on the environment

Switch to reusable: Shopping bags, bottles, ceramic mugs made of reused material

Turn-off computers when not in use, switch off unused lights, fans, air-conditioners. Use natural light whenever possible

Volunteer for plantation drives, beach clean-ups, neighborhood Eco-friendly activities. Involve the gen next (students) in activities that essentially connects them with nature

Organize treks/hikes to spread the sense of appreciation for mother earth and bountiful offerings

Solar-devices: Use lights, fans, and small appliances that utilize solar power, reducing the burden on conventional sources

Add your thoughts to the above and send us your ideas to make the world a greener place for the generations to come. It is our duty to our gen-next that deserves a planet as beautiful as ours!