International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year to mark the contribution of women to society across the globe and to remind the world of gender equality. It began with the need of strong rights for women representing equality in thought and action at domestic, societal and political levels including the right to vote, contest & hold public office and exercise freedom of speech and expression.

India has always been a forerunner in this regard and set many examples of women leadership at various walks of life. Many historians and scholars across the world have attributed this aspect of India to the fundamental principles that governed the land at one time, predominantly to the worshipping of feminine-goddess, which is in wide-practice till date. Unfortunately, over the years, as generations passed the one-time greatness of this land which kept women on par and (sometimes above) men, had completely diluted to a point where society needed revolutionary minds to stand and speak for their rights. Till date, there are voices against atrocities and there are issues being addressed at political and international levels.

With changing times, came in a more inclusive mindset – reducing disparity of the challenges of dual roles that women handle (parenting & professional), breaking away from the clutters of stereotype at multiple layers of organizational behavior. There has been recognition for employees/leaders in the system who pushed boundaries to establish this gender-inclusivity. As women climb the corporate hierarchy, it has been essential for organizations to embrace this evolution with unequivocal attention.

All though the world has come a long way, there is still a lot to be done until we establish gender parity in the business world, especially in the recently developed/developing economies where, people and organizations are still coming to terms with the fact that more women will make decisions that will have an impact in the lives of men as well. Individuals, companies and NGO’s are working towards bringing about a sustainable change to the ecosystem.

The United Nations through its annual event for celebrating women across the world is urging people and organizations alike to accelerate this gender parity and to embrace the emergence of women-leadership in all walks of life and help accentuate the process

At i-FLO, we are happy to share with you an opportunity where you could tell the world, the story of an inspiring woman/man, who has echoed the objectives of this year’s theme: BE BOLD FOR CHANGE.

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