There is always one side of the world that says you have to take salt in your diet, while there is the other half that says salt is bad for you! Is salt good or bad for you?


Imagine a world without salt. Your food will be bland and of no taste to compliment the spices in it. There will be no magic ingredient like salt in your food that will act as an anti-depressant, anti-histamine, anti-cortisol, a natural pH regulator and an easy weight management aid.


We bring to you 10 reasons why you should take salt.


  1. Salt helps control blood sugar levels by improving your insulin sensitivity.
  2. Salt helps maintain proper pH of your stomach, which are the basic foundation for good digestion.
  3. Salt is a natural anti-histamine and helps alleviate allergic reactions and asthma.
  4. Salt is an anti-stress agent and moderate consumption of salt helps improve your quality of sleep by reducing your adrenaline spike.
  5. Moderate consumption of salt is believed to help maintain a healthy weight by elimination of cortisol.
  6. Intake of moderate amounts of iodized salt helps improve thyroid functions and avoids hypo and hyper thyroids. A deficiency of iodine in the body can lead to instability in thyroid hormones and also goitre.
  7. Salt helps keep the body hydrated by acting as an electrolyte to balance the smooth functioning of the organ system.
  8. Moderate intake of salt helps prevent cystic fibrosis and acute diarrhoea.
  9. Salt and hot water is an evergreen combination that will help relieve sore throat.
  10. Salt and hot water combination can help relax your feet to a great extent.

All the while, do remember that too much of anything is bad for health. It is recommended that an average adult takes anything between 1500 milligrams to 2300 milligrams of salt per day.